Me and my buddy are going to start posting here.

I know that I read alot, I come across some pretty cool ideas in doing so. So this could definitely be me just repeating what a bunch of other good writers are saying. Maybe I will get better at writing as I go along. I would like to be the kind of person that can compose a decent sentence. I would also like to be the kind of person that can stick to anything long enough to get good at it.


I have been reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Donald Miller is an amazing writer. I love all of his books. In A Million Miles he is talking about stories, how they engage the viewer, reader, listener, etc. He wrote a memoir a few years back, it was a hit, and some people wanted to make a movie about it. While talking about how the story was going to be displayed on screen, Don realizes something terrible. He realizes that his life has been boring. Now I don’t want to ruin a book for someone, but he enlightens the reader on how to make a life more meaningful. I know that the book is speaking to me as I read it, and in a way, starting this blog could be a way I am striving to make my life more meaningful. In the last couple of years I have started viewing life, and the way God wants us to live it, in a completely different light. I read the Bible, and talk to God, and what I read and what I hear doesn’t sound like what I’ve heard all my life. I see a new way to love, a new way to treat my neighbor, and it doesn’t make sense according to the way I have been brought up in this world. It actually sounds crazy, things like loving your enemey, praying for them, helping them when they are in need. We have been taught to believe this is right, but not to believe we can do it, and that it works. I have a core group of friends that my wife and I hang out with, and we talk about this new way of viewing life, but I want to expand, I want to see what strangers think about it.


One response to “Hello

  1. Austin, You do have the ability to write. Who knew? I’m so glad to see this new layer of your life unfolded for others to see. I’m privileged to be able to glimpse into the heart of my nephew, a man of God, and perhaps another writer in the Eller family. Wow!

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