Another World Could Be

So suddenly you've caught my eye
Beneath an empire and buildings- 
they blocked the view for my whole life.
It's coming clear it's a call to die- 
to this appetite of sanity- 
they've pinned our wings so we can't fly.

I believe, I believe another would could be.
I believe, i believe His Kingdom is calling me.
I just never thought I'd see this clearly

So suddenly you've caught my eye.
And now my appetite is changing
I see life in an eternal light.
It's coming clear it's a call to die
To these same old boring stories.
Were meant to spread our wings and fly.

I call to you oh Sleeping Child,
come along, join this story that
He's written on our hearts.





Somehow thunderstorms make me think of God. I really love a good storm, it’s calming. I get all giddy when I feel that crisp air, that gentle feeling when the sky gets dark before the first drops fall. Then the downpour follows, with the flashes of lightning. It’s a thing of beauty, with a musical score of thunder and wind. It’s really God’s creativity at it’s finest. One can’t help but stand in awe of the one who imagined it all. Then there’s a different kind of storm, a bigger scary version. The kind that can flatten an entire town, and this kind draws me to a different side of God. Not to his marvel and splendor side, but to his refuge and comfort side. I think it’s because of the loss of control. As a child when storms came, the really big, scary kind, I truly felt helpless. I saw that my dad, the one who protected me, couldn’t stop the roof from coming off or a tree from flying into my room, and it worried me. Where else do you find safety? So I learned to ask God to take control. Prayer was always involved during storms with my family. We would ask God to protect us from what was out of our hands. We could find rest and comfort in him. It placed a belief in my heart that God is here for me, which is a good belief for anyone to have. Now, I think that this is a very easy way I can put my trust in him. What do I have to lose in this situation by trusting God? Nothing, or at least nothing I have control over. If God answers this prayer, I am safe, which makes believing in his power to ward off storms very easy.

What about the areas of our lives we have control over? When was the last time I asked God to help in an area of my life that wasn’t beneficial to me? What if giving him control means I can lose somehing? I am making enough money to live comfortably, why do I need God’s help here, why would I want him to control that aspect of my life? I’ve trusted that He can save me from the storm, but I’ll stay in charge of the finances, I wouldn’t want to lose control over that. He might want me to give away more money, or force me to live a little more simple, and that’s just too scary. And I already have great friends, why do I need to hang out with this other person, he’s a little different, that would definitely knock off some cool points. It seems to me that for some reason I’ve taken the comforts that God places in my life as basic rights, not recieved them as a precious gifts. Shouldn’t I realize that the money isn’t even mine in the first place, or that maybe there’s more to who I hang out with than how fun it is for me? Do I really believe I am entitled to feel safe and comfortable all the time? Have I taken a relationship with the Creator of the universe for granted, simplified it to asking for money, keeping me out of akward situations, and begging him not to blow my house down? I really hope not. Yes I believe God is here for me, no I don’t think it’s selfish to ask God to spare your house. I’m just hoping that’s not all I believe He is here for. I’d like to believe that there’s a bigger story, one that tells of me working not for my will, but for His.


Me and my buddy are going to start posting here.

I know that I read alot, I come across some pretty cool ideas in doing so. So this could definitely be me just repeating what a bunch of other good writers are saying. Maybe I will get better at writing as I go along. I would like to be the kind of person that can compose a decent sentence. I would also like to be the kind of person that can stick to anything long enough to get good at it.


I have been reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Donald Miller is an amazing writer. I love all of his books. In A Million Miles he is talking about stories, how they engage the viewer, reader, listener, etc. He wrote a memoir a few years back, it was a hit, and some people wanted to make a movie about it. While talking about how the story was going to be displayed on screen, Don realizes something terrible. He realizes that his life has been boring. Now I don’t want to ruin a book for someone, but he enlightens the reader on how to make a life more meaningful. I know that the book is speaking to me as I read it, and in a way, starting this blog could be a way I am striving to make my life more meaningful. In the last couple of years I have started viewing life, and the way God wants us to live it, in a completely different light. I read the Bible, and talk to God, and what I read and what I hear doesn’t sound like what I’ve heard all my life. I see a new way to love, a new way to treat my neighbor, and it doesn’t make sense according to the way I have been brought up in this world. It actually sounds crazy, things like loving your enemey, praying for them, helping them when they are in need. We have been taught to believe this is right, but not to believe we can do it, and that it works. I have a core group of friends that my wife and I hang out with, and we talk about this new way of viewing life, but I want to expand, I want to see what strangers think about it.